Guide to Laws About Marijuana in the San Francisco Bay Area

Most laws related to marijuana are made at the state level. See our Guide to Laws about Marijuana in California.

What are the rules about using marijuana in San Francisco?

Under state law, you can’t use marijuana in public. Also, in SF parks you can’t be high.1Parks Code Sec 4.11

What are the laws regarding selling marijuana?

Currently in California it is legal to sell recreational marijuana, unless a particular city bans it. But you must get a special license to do so, and comply with regulations. Selling marijuana without a license can subject you to up to 6 months in county jail, and/or $500 fine, and/or civil penalties for each transaction! So don’t do it.

See more rules for marijuana businesses.

If I buy marijuana from a shop, can I use it there?

The city of San Francisco licenses certain pot shops to allow on-site smoking or use of marijuana.


See options on getting marijuana related legal help.


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