Guide to Laws About Alcohol in San Francisco

Most of the laws about buying, selling, or drinking alcohol are made and enforced at the state level. See our Guide to Alcohol Laws in California.

Is it illegal to drink alcohol in public in San Francisco?

Yes, it is illegal to “consume any alcoholic beverage in any quantity on any public street, avenue, sidewalk, stairway, alley, or thoroughfare.” It is also illegal to “consume any alcoholic beverage within 15 feet of any public way or thoroughfare while on a private stairway, doorway, or other private property open to public view without the express or implied permission of the owner.”1San Francisco Police Code Sec 21

The penalty is an “infraction,” with a fine of between $25-$100.

Is it illegal to drink alcohol in the park in San Francisco?

Mostly, yes it is illegal to drink alcohol in the park.2San Francisco Park Code Sec 4.10 However, there are certain designated picnic areas where beer and wine are allowed.

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