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San Francisco Bay, Welcome to Your New Legal Resource

We are pleased to provide this new free legal resource for the San Francisco Bay area: Law Soup SF!

This new site will cover cities including San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Daly City, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Rosa, and more.

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The 33 New California Laws for 2020 that You Need to Know

From new statewide rent control, to new limits on police use of deadly force, to an increase in minimum wage, to a new requirement to have health insurance, and so much more, Californians will see some major changes and updates to the laws in 2020.


Car Burglaries: There are over 70 burglaries from cars in SF every day. But it’s difficult to prosecute offenders, because you need to prove that the car was locked. Lawmakers are looking to change that.

Parking Holidays in SF: Holidays are a great time… for parking! See our Guide to Parking Holidays in SF.

Rent Control: New rent control laws are popping up in many cities in the bay area. See our Guide to Rent Control in the SF Bay area.


Here are the currently popular areas of law, but you can also check out all of our LEGAL GUIDES.



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